On July 31st, we went to see Poison, with Sebastian Bach and Dokken opening for them. They were at Nissan Pavillion in Bristow, VA. Now, it was a quick drive from my sister’s house (where we’re staying to watch her kids) to there but, when we got there, it was a bit of a pain.

Ticketmaster never mailed our tickets so we had to get them at will call. Unfortunately the handicapped entrance was far away from will call. So, Tony had to hop on a cart, ride up and back, meet our friends (Brian and Dayna) and get back to me.

Me, in the gimp section

By the time they got back to me Sebastian Bach had started, which honestly, no big deal, without Skid Row I just didn’t care so much.

Once we were in the gates, that is when the problem started. We had lawn tickets, figuring we’d be moved to the handicapped seating. Which, since I was in my wheelchair would make sense, correct? If you could buy handicap access tickets online, I would, but, since you have to call and deal with the idiots at Ticketmaster, I just buy tickets, then have the venue fix things.

Tony, Brian, Dayna

So, we asked one of the kids that were working the end of a section, where to go, they directed us to the far side of the place (why put the ramp that far from the handicap entrance?)

Tony pushed and pushed, all the way across the place, and we got to the bottom of the ramp. And looked up, and up and up. The ramp was so incredibly steep that walking it looked horrendously dangerous, there was no way my wheelchair was making it up that.

Sebastian Bach

I just spent 30 mintes looking for a picture of the hill and ramp with no luck. Imagine a hill several hundred yards tall, fairly straight up, with a ramp that just goes straight up and is nowhere near ADA regulations. The rise on it had to be 2-3 feet per foot run. It was crazy.

Luckily, I grabbed two security guards who found customer service people who fixed the tickets up so we could sit in the handicap section. The one person did give us a bit of a hard time “You did buy lawn seats.” I have looked up their policies, and they state they will supply some handicapped seats, at lawn prices, and since I was the only person in this venue in a wheelchair, I’d say we were within policy.


Enough with the whining, on with the show. What we saw of Sebastian Bach was decent, although him ending with “Youth Gone Wild” made us giggle, as now it is more “Middle Age Mild” for most of us. Or not quite middle age but, I would refer to none of us as youth.

Dokken kicked ass all over the pavillion. I would go see them again, even though I was never a fan before. If I heard Don Dokken correctly, he stated that one song he was singing to the heavens, as that is where his Mom had gone that morning. How he put on the show he did, with just losing his Mom is beyond me. I’m sorry for your loss, Don.

The program you are about to see
contains adult themes and situations
that may be inappropriate for younger
or more sensitive viewers.
Would you expect anything less?

Then it was time for Poison. Now, I have had a crush on Bret Michaels forever. Ever since the first time I saw a Poison video, way back in the 80s, I have just squeed upon seeing him.

Last summer was the first time I saw Poison in concert. And, when I saw Bret peeking from back stage? I freaked out. Tony has not let me forget this. This year, I tried to fight it back but, when, Bret came up through the stage my face burst into a huge grin. There is no stopping the 22 year old crush.

Now, Poison has been around for 22 years, which makes them not kids anymore. But, from their stage show, you would never be able to tell. Bret, CC, Bobby, and Ricky rocked the stage off.

I know it is a bad picture but, that is Bret. Bret, Bret. Ha. Seriously, the crush is alive and well and I loved every minute of the show and not just because I was drinking huge ass 14 dollar strawberry margaritas.

Alas, the concert ended too soon, and they left amidst a shower of confetti. After the show, Dayna and I sat on the sidewalk, while the guys went to hunt down the vehicle (the front parking lot is gravel and not wheelchair accessible.) It was a fruitful wait though, as we shared a small bottle of rum and watched people walk by.

Hell, it was like we were teenagers again. I can not wait to do it again, next year, although hopefully not at Nissan Pavillion.

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