Happy Birthday Bear Bear.

Today Tre turned 5 years old. He asked for a Star Wars party and boy did he get one. So, instead of a lot of words, a few words, a bunch of pictures.

Darth Tre Man
Happy Smiling Birthday Boy.

I’ll open the cards first, because I have to.

Mikayla, Tre and Charlie. Note all the Light “swords”. I found them at Dollar General for 2 dollars each so all the kids got one. They light up purple and make noise.
Darth Mary

Tre showing the American Sign Language “I Love You” sign to me. Tony and I use that when it is better to be silent, Tre caught on and tells us he loves us like that all the time.
Charlie, the cutest 3 year old little brother out there. In the middle of light sabering, which is why he has a silly look on his face.

Tre’s big present from me and Tony. A clone trooper helmet. And Saturday we go see the new Star Wars movie.