Update from Tuesday

I’m home for now. They are running a bunch of kidney function panels and other screenings to try and determine if the mass has spread outside the kidney.

It is no longer a 95% chance I’m losing it, it is a done deal, the kidney will be coming out, no matter what is found, as it can do more harm than good as it is.

I see my surgeon on Thursday afternoon, followed by my whole team of doctors to get everything set up. So, within a week or so I’ll have the surgery, then 4-10 days in the hospital, followed by several months of recovering.

If it is cancer, and the chances of that are more than 70% it is, they will go from there regarding decisions on chemo and/or radiation treatment. We’re hoping that the mass is in the kidney completely and that I will not have to go through either of those but, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Complicating all of this is my allergy to iodine, the contrast used in CT scans and MRIs is iodine based and I have to be on steroids and benadryl for 12 hours prior to any scan, so big pain in the ass, plus the contrast is extremely hard on the kidneys. With me soon to have only one being nice to my other kidney is a good thing.

So, in short, thanks for being there, and we’re still in a holding pattern.