Day 2 and Type 2

As I posted somewhere over to the right on my Twitter feed, hospitals are clueless about feeding type 2 diabetics. Now, I didn’t get all that many actual meals at the hospital as I was on a liquid diet most of my time there. But, even the liquid diet was scary: full sugar juices, Jell-o made with sugar, hot tea with real sugar to put in it, milk, corn syrup filled sodas. That was all one tray and enough carbohydrates for 3 days.

So, I asked my doctor about it, he thought he may have not listed me as diabetic, said he would fix it. When my next all fluid meal came it was the same thing, and definitely listed as diabetic.

Ok, not so good, as I knew damn well that if too many carbs will inhibit my healing and make me feel worse. I was stupid and drank my clear liquid meal again. blech, and my sugar went up then crashed down. Not a good feeling at all.

I figured they would do better on real food, as a liquid diet is odd to handle. My first real meal was a double threat, something proclaiming to be beef in a brown mess, with mushrooms, over white rice, with a white roll, and tea with real sugar, and some mess of real sugar bread pudding.

Now, it’s bad enough about the carbs but it is listed on my file that I am allergic to mushrooms. Oops. No biggie, I caught it and got some chicken noodle soup instead. The soup was mostly broth so not full of carbs.

I laugh that I can remember the meals I had but, that night was white noodles, white bread, a sugary dessert, and sugar filled soda, the following morning, even worse, corn flakes, a white flour biscuit, sugary orange juice and coffee with packs of sugar. That is more than enough detail about the meals that don’t fit in any type 2 diet. It is sad when one of the best teaching hospitals around has such a horrible grasp of how to feed people with type 2 diabetes. You’d think they’d at least ask about dietary preferences and how to do things right.

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