I, as well as a lot of Virginians, am dealing with a massive allergy attack as the weather has been so warm that everything is growing like it was early spring. In fact, it is so warm right now that we have a fan in the one window to pull some air into the house. Without it, the house is too warm and stifling which just adds to the allergy effect.

With the fan being in the window the boys are confused and thinking we’re going from Christmas right into spring. I hated to tell them that it is supposed to cool off this evening and that January and February are when we actually have our cold weather. Especially as Santa brought Tre and Charlie bikes and they are loving tearing around the yard on their tiny 16 inch bikes with training wheels.

They were outside for awhile but as most of the adults in the family are sick, or in pain, in some way shape or form, they are now inside. Charlie is squirmy and can not be still. Right now he is sitting beside me and spinning around as he has enough energy to light all of the eastern seaboard.

Tre is eating, again, as he is eats more than any 3 adults combined. It is amazing that he is so slim as he really does pack away the food. He eats way more than Charlie does yet, Charlie is chubby and weighs only 1 pound less than Tre. That wouldn’t be a big deal if it wasn’t for the fact that Charlie is 1.5 years younger, and several inches shorter.

Not that I mind, I love all my nephews, and my niece just alike. Writing about them here gives me a place to go look back at when they are much older and no longer the lovey dovey small kids but the petulant teenagers they will all most assuredly be.