Tre and Charlie sure are growing up fast. It is hard to imagine that they were so little a year ago, or how they are only 3 and 5 years old and 6 years ago the only kids on my side of the family were Kyrsie, who was 3.

Colson Christmas 2007

Its even harder to believe that we have only had Colson for a couple Christmases, he seems to have been apart of us forever. How is it he isn’t even 3?

And, I just searched for the old pictures I have of Kyrsie, they must be on my old hard drive but, I do have a picture from this year where you can see her face. Unfortunately, a lot of times when she is the only one in the picture, and she knows you’re taking it, well…

And it is not like she isn’t a beautiful girl she just freezes up like other people do, I mean here is a better picture of her:

See, she has her little brother to distract her so she smiles a beautiful smile and not the fake one. She is a handful of an opinionated girl but, I do love her so. Kyrsie is the one who named me Pooh and all the kids on my side have followed suit in calling me that. I love it.