I am so cranky right now that it isn’t even funny. The fact that Tony hasn’t run off is just amazing. My stomach hurts where part of my incision is still healing, my insides hurt where my kidney used to be and my feet are so swollen they look like footballs with toes.

My doctors only prescribed a small amount of pain medication the last time so I’m running out of it. That means I am rationing it and well, yeah, of course that is why I’m cranky. I need to call the doctor tomorrow but I dread having to go back there. Not to mention the worry that something is wrong with my left kidney and that is why my feet and hands are swollen.

It isn’t an excuse but I know that is why I am so pissy with Tony right now. Even trying not to be everything is just weighing on me and he ends up bearing the brunt of it. Now he is asleep and I feel horrid for just being bitchy today.

Sigh, tomorrow’s a new day hopefully I won’t be so grumpy. I love you, Tony.