Knit wha?

I am not good at crafty things. Decoupage turns into a pile of sticky mess, making ornaments at Christmas is a wreck that never turns out properly. I try, boy do I try, but really I need to have a human being showing me how to do things, not a book, or even a video.

For a couple of years I have wanted the Knifty Knitters set. Tonight Tony brought me home the set of four round looms and the purple rectangular one. I have knit a small hat before on a friend’s set (hi Dayna!) and I loved it. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember how to do it, instruction drawings are beyond me as I just my brain sees it backward.

Yet, I have started as Tony read the instructions and showed me how to do it. Which means he bought me the set, taught me how to do it and bought me bright pink and red yarn so I would make something for myself first. Man, he is a sweetheart.

Back to my knitting, I want a hat by the weekend!