Last Week

Since I can’t sleep and I am sitting here, I figured I would update you all about what happened.

Last Monday night/Tuesday morning right around midnight my belly button starting bleeding, again. Now, this is what happened back in September that sent me to the hospital, then to the ct scan, and into finding out I had cancer. Then, I had cellulitis and they never figured out why my navel was bleeding.

Well, again, I had cellulitis, and off we went toward the doctor’s office so we could be there as they opened. Unfortunately it was snowing pretty hard and there was quite a bit on the roads. Partway to the doctor’s office we called and found out he was in surgery, and to call my surgeon.

Now, my surgeon is much further away and his office was closed due to snow so off to the ER we went. We signed it, then went to sit and we weren’t there for more than 20 minutes or so when they took us back into triage, then into a room.

That does not happen unless you are dying normally as the hospital is just overwhelmed with way too many people relying on it, as it is the only hospital for 40 miles. I was a bit worried with the quick trip back, but they had my history, knew I had this in September and the subsequent cancer discovery and nephrectomy.

I saw a couple doctors, got hooked up to an IV, and waited for blood work to come back. In only a couple hours all this was done, the decision to admit me was made and I was pushed into the hall so the room I was in could be used.

Luckily we weren’t in the hall long before they moved me upstairs. Tony had to push my wheelchair behind me as they wouldn’t let me go up in it, only on a stretcher. They got me in my room, settled into bed, and that was that.

The next 3 days were spent on several different antibiotics, having to change mainly due to my kidney function getting worse, quickly, from one day to the next. Then I was put on oral antibiotics, then back to IV ones, and on and on. I was also on IV pain meds due to not only the cellulitis pain but the continued muscle pains from my surgery.

On day 2, I believe, I had a PICC line put in to keep IV access open since my IV was acting up and my veins are becoming harder to get into since I have had so much blood work and all the accompanying things with having diabetes and cancer. The process took awhile and my elbow was more sore than the actual site afterward.

I came home on Friday, I think. The days have pretty much been running together through all this since I am sleeping oddly.

The cellulitis seems to be all gone now, and my belly button has stopped bleeding. Now, I just hope that I don’t end up back in the hospital again for a long time.

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  1. Aw, Suzy…that all sounds pretty awful. I’m so glad you’re back home again and recovering.

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