My Second Home…

I’m in the hospital, again. This time I came into the emergency room on August 31st. As soon as I was in a room in the emergency department the doctor told me I was being admitted. My stomach was covered with a pretty bad case of cellulitis and only IV antibiotics were going to be able to knock it down.

Now, the doctor who saw me was the same doctor who saw me last September. He was the one who convinced me that I needed the CT scan, set up my transfer to the other hospital, and got my insurance to cover the ambulance ride.

That was the scan that found my cancer and saved my life. He recognized me immediately, and I him. As soon as I could I told him that his pushing the issue of the CT scan, then setting everything up for me had saved my life. If that hadn’t happened who knows when it would have been found. It is very likely it still would not have been found and would have been growing all this time. My words tumbled out, as did some tears as I told Dr. H this and he smiled and told me “This is why I do this job.”

Yeah, you did a great one, thank you for saving my life, Dr. H.

From the time we finished talking to the time I was up in the room that I sit in now (5014) was a very short time. I’d say well under an hour, if not under half-hour. The transport team that brought me up to the floor by my wheelchair also drug what would become my best friend: My IV pole.

These two cracked me up as they serenaded me with various songs and joked with one another. If you have to go to the hospital those are the transport people you want to be moving you around. I got to my room and my nurse and CNA settled me into it.
Now, no one wants to be in the hospital but sometimes you have no choice. The rooms here are all private ones now which I love. I can remember a couple different hospitalizations when I was younger when you still had shared rooms and I hated it. While it gave you someone to talk to you had no privacy, and had to share the tv. Yeah, give me my own room and my own remote.

Update number on hospital stay September 2009, more to follow…

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  1. Janice Says:

    I'm sorry to hear you are in the hospital. Hope you are feeling better soon, Suzy.