In response

From the comments on this post: Fat Nation and the Costs

“From Jay Pee. Beloved, I will be the first to admit that I have an unexamined prejudice against the obese. I do not see tham as thinking, feeling human beings. I rarely make eye contact. I give them only perfunctory attention. When I ring up their Rx and they add popcorn, Doritos, candy and soft drinks with corn syrup, I am disgusted. ”

Prior to this I had a lot of respect for you. Now, I have to look at you as no better than a racist who hates solely based on the color of skin. You are a bigot who hates based on how much adipose tissue a person has. How sad is that?

How many of your obese patients have health issues that cause obesity? How many are depressed and over eat? How many are genetically disposed to being fat? Why are they not people to you? How can you dispense medications for COPD to a smoker and not hate him, yet you dispense any medication to a fat person and your hatred comes out?

I am a fat woman. I do have health issues. Things like kidney cancer and a recurrent abdominal infection. Neither of those are because I’m fat. The cancer is hereditary, the infection they are still working on the cause but they do believe it is due to a urachal cyst. Obviously that isn’t caused by obesity.

I was a stick as a child, one of those who were forced to eat. When I hit puberty I began to gain weight. Until I was 28, I had horrendous periods. I eventually researched and researched until I figured out what was causing so many of my problems. I had PCOS that had gone undiagnosed for many years. Once I was, and on proper medication I lost 70 pounds. I’m still fat, I always will be. I am a person. I am worthy of your respect.

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