Hello Holidailies

Even though I know that most Holidailies readers have been reading from the Holidailies portal for years, I figure a quick introduction would be in order.

I’m Suzy, 34, married to Tony for 11 years, we have no kids of our own but have a niece and 5 nephews that we spoil rotten. My life consists of writing, the niece and nephews, some online gaming (kingdom of loathing is my addiction) and being a housewife.

My life has been focused on kidney cancer for 14 months as my tumor was found on my right kidney in September of 2008, I had a nephrectomy in December 2008. As of December first I was one year post cancer with no evidence of disease. Those four words “no evidence of disease” are the words that everyone with any form of kidney cancer waits to hear.

Several years prior to my diagnosis with kidney cancer I became involved with St. Baldrick’s Foundation. SBF is a charity that raises money to help find cures and treatments for childhood cancer. In March of each year I now shave my head, after raising as much as I can, and walk around bald to help advertise St. Baldrick’s.

As for this site, I began writing on MutteringFooldotCom in March of 2000, prior to that I wrote on a geocities site. MutteringFooldotCom, the name, came from my original tag line which was “Suzyramble ~the mutterings of a fool.” At the time I was 23 years old and far, far away from the woman I am today. Poke around here and there, if you have any questions, ask away in the comments, and welcome to Holidailies 2009, glad to have you here.

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  1. Sara Says:

    Suzy, thank you so much for promoting St. Baldrick's Foundation. We are proud to count you as a member of the St. Baldrick’s family. Over the past 10 years, we have raised more than $69 million because of brave men and women like you. With your help, we are a few hairs closer to conquering kids’ cancer!