Damn, I just found out that Blogger will no longer support ftp as of May 1st. That sucks as that is how I get all my blogs up to see. I am going to have to learn how to install WordPress or something else, as I am not changing to a blogspot address, nor moving my sites over to Blogger’s paid domains.

Nonblogger news, I’m doing ok. I go to the wound clinic tomorrow, and my regular doctor. Hopefully, I’ll have some good news from there but, what I can see of my leg wound does not look good. I am definitely going to have some very bad scarring. Not that my legs were beautiful, but, at least they didn’t draw stares.

But, I have my leg, and my health, I shouldn’t be complaining about a few scars. All that scary shit in the hospital with sepsis and infection and on and on should have taught me to not be so damn worried about looks, and happier to be home and healthy with two legs.