I am on a diet as a precursor to having gastric bypass, I posted this today to a forum I belong to.

I am amazed at how well I am doing. I am not weighing on a scale right now, I won’t be weighed until the 14th of October but, my clothes have gotten a bit looser. I have had to move my bras in one notch. and, the best part, I have a garnet ring that was too tight on my pinkie that now fits my ring finger, and will turn on it with no problem. My original engagement ring now fits on my index finger and on my middle finger (albeit tightly there.)

I am exercising by lifting upper body weights and have a dvd coming in that is sit down exercises. We are trying to pull together the money to join the local YMCA so I can do some water exercises as that is gentler on the joints that are falling apart.

All and all, I am excited that some of the weight is coming off. I know I have years of work ahead, but, I am actually at the point that I am happy to be counting calories. I am happy that I can wear things that had been put away because I weighed too much to wear them.

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  1. I’m so proud of you sis! :) Keep it up! Call and make an appointment with the Y to talk about their “Open Doors” Policy. They give steep discounts based on ability to pay. I got 30% off simply telling them I was a struggling single mom with little to no help from C’s dad and wanted him to be able to participate in the activities. With your health concerns and lack of income, I am sure you will qualify for AT LEAST that, if not more.

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