Holidailies 2010

Hello Holidailies readers! Welcome to my journal. Let me hit you with a quick introduction and then into the meat of things. I am Suzy, 35, married to Tony for 12 years, Aunt to a bunch of little rugrats, a free-lance writer and in the middle of moving to a new home. I have been writing this journal for over ten years, the majority of that time here at mutteringfool.com and hosted by VerveHosting. I can not remember how many years I have written during holidailies. Thanks to Jette and Chip for once again doing this for us.

The 1990s seem to want to come back and smack me in the face within the past couple weeks. Actually since just a couple of days before Thanksgiving. Quite a few of my old friends, most from one time period of my life, have come back into my life, mainly via Facebook. The first couple times one of my close friends got back in touch with me was odd. The time period that they all are from was a rough one for me.

In fact, it is so rough that I very rarely speak about it and have only written about it a few times over the years. Talking to these friends though has overwhelmingly been a good thing. It has made me realize that I am not the Susan of 1994-1997 or so. No longer do all the things that happened haunt me. Oh, I still think about them, more so right now than I have in years but, it is more warm memories of the good things.

Memories, like one night when I was driving my Dad’s little tiny Chevette, my best friend, at the time, in the passenger seat and another seven people crammed into that car. Yes, nine people in a Chevette, riding around town in the same circuitous route that all the teenagers before us had driven. We were singing and laughing, they were rocking the car (sorry, Dad.) and my best friend just looked over at me through the jumble of arms and legs poking through the seats and smiled real big. A smile that I loved.

No, really, I did. I was head over heels in love with him. He never let on that he knew, at least not back then. We just kept on as we were, hanging out together, talking all the time and enjoying one another’s company. Eventually, things went bad, we had a huge falling out and didn’t talk for years, until this summer. Now, we’re again on speaking terms. His smile doesn’t do anything for me now, only my husband’s does that, but, it is nice to have an old friend as even a tiny part of my life again.