Just posted….

I just posted this comment on XOJane.com and I wanted to post it here, for me to return to, so I don’t forget how lucky I am.

My husband (of almost 14 years, together 16 next month) has cleaned up my vomit, my shit, anything you can imagine when I was extremely ill. I had food poisoning one time to the point that he had to clean up both.

He is a rockstar husband though and I can’t imagine most men would be able to do all of that.

There isn’t a single thing that would embarrass me anymore. He has seen me right after major surgery, stoned on pain meds, with an incision that covers 17 inches, no clothes on as he gave me a bed bath. That was not the first time either, when I had a spinal headache following a screwed up mylogram, he bathed me, as I couldn’t lift my head without wanting to kill myself.

He has held me while I cried because I thought I was going to die (after my cancer diagnosis.) He has heard me fart, vomit, moan, groan, and go through so much.

He has bandaged the open wounds on my leg, from the lymphedema, (caused by the cancer) and told me I’m adorable, even when I feel my worst.

My husband, Tony, is such a great man. I am blessed and oftentimes I don’t remember how blessed I am.

I had to add something. When we are in public, if by chance I fart, thinking no one is near us, then someone comes up, he will say “Ooops, sorry about that.”

He takes the blame for me. That is true love, my friends

I am lucky, beyond belief.

I love you my husband.

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