Behind and behind and behind

I am so behind on everything I had planned. Holidailies, wrapping presents, baking, getting the house in order for the holidays. Instead, I am awake at 3 AM in pain and unable to get comfortable no matter what.

On the floor to my side is our space heater, only it is directed right at me, on high, trying to see if it’ll help my muscles losing up, with no luck. I’ve had meetings two days in a row and ended up sitting out in the cold for awhile, waiting for my ride home tonight. It has made the costochondritis worse and made everything else hurt.

All I can do is whine tonight, which is one of the reasons I haven’t been posting much, who wants to hear me whine about being in pain all the time? Not even my husband.

Just a short update for tonight, I’m working on catching up this weekend, after some sleep and housework.

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