Monday is…

Deadline day. I have an entry from yesterday, half-written, but it deserves much more time for me to finish it.

Today, you get a short bit about my little nephew, Shawn.

My sister, Katie, his Mom has a tradition of making a paper and construction paper fireplace and chimney and placing it on the wall of her living room. Now, she does this so that Santa can use it to magically come into the house on Christmas eve. Awesome right? She really is an great Mom with cool ideas.

Well, today, Coren, Shawn’s little brother, was pretending the fire was going to get him and I told him he needs to be careful, if he ripped the chimney Santa couldn’t get in. Coren stopped, immediately, and quit what he was doing.

Shawn, who is the most serious little boy ever, looked at me and said, “Pooh (cause the kids all call me Aunt Pooh) he can just come in through the door.” What other little kid would come up with that? He’s four.

The kid is just too logical for my own damn good. Happy Monday.

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