The baking begins.

I finally got some baking done this holiday season. I baked pumpkin bread, cranberry bread, pumpkin cookies, chocolate orange cookies, and chocolate chip cherry cookies so far. I have several more types to bake this weekend, but it is a start.

After not wanting to do anything really this week, I can’t believe that I caught the bug to bake and toss stuff. I have gone through part of my kitchen now and started to toss things we don’t need. I have too much crap that is never used.

This is a problem as it means the things I do need, or want to make my life easier, have nowhere to go. I figure it will take me the better part of a month to go through it all, since I can’t stand for long periods of time and so much of it is above my head, even when standing. It is a start though.

I finally have a plan for getting rid of all the things we never use, or haven’t touched since we moved in here. If it isn’t a photograph and it hasn’t been touched in two years? We don’t need it. I’m tired of the over abundance of stuff.

This is really disjointed tonight, but I have had very little sleep and have a long day tomorrow. I need to finish this and go wrap everything up in the kitchen and grab a couple hours more sleep before the day.

One Response to “The baking begins.”

  1. Tiff Says:

    That’s plenty of baking, really. I’ve done three things and might call it done, but for the bourbon balls that still need to be…uh…balled. And dusted in sugar. After that? Let them eat cake!