Friday before Christmas

I was having a rough day, physically, as it started very early and I had a lot to do. Running here, there, everywhere.

I had to take the husband to work, come back to the beach, to cover a story, go to Fredericksburg to the doctor, make a couple of other stops. By the time I got to Target to get my prescriptions filled, and pick up my regular med refills, i was just done. My leg could no longer take anymore walking.

I was sitting in the car, hoping a handicap close space would open up, and nothing.

Eventually, I saw the cart guys come out to start bringing them in and I asked them for help. The fantastic young men brought an electric cart to my car for me, and offered to help me when i was done shopping. They made sure I got back to the store, and across traffic, with no problems.

Thank goodness for them, as I would not have been able to do it.

When, I was in the store, people offered help to get things off high shelves and were generally just helpful. I don’t know if it was the Christmas spirit or what, but thanks to everyone who made this gimpy woman able to finish her errands. (other than mailing a package, are there any post offices out there anymore?)