New Year

New Year’s eve has changed for me over the years. From my teenage years where all I did was drink way too much and try to avoid my parents to the early adult years drinking a lot to now, and my late (late? where did that come from) 30s and the alcohol less ones.

Yep, NYE 2012 into 2013 (as I can never figure if it should be called NYE for the year going away or coming in) involved dinner with friends at China Garden, then an evening talking and listening to hair bands on the TV with kids and all involved. We watched part of New Year’s Rocking Eve and made fun of the music that we don’t understand, talked about NYE’s past, and what we all wanted for the future.

In other words, it was a fantastic evening and one that I hope to repeat multiple times this year. We, as a group, have gotten together much more since the death of one of our early group. When Michael killed himself in 2010 it really seemed to kick us in our collective asses and made us realize we were letting time slip by.

We’re all in our late 30s and above. I’m the youngest of the group at going on 38, the oldest turned 45 back in October. We have been friends for well over twenty years. There have been times where we argued and didn’t speak for months, or even a year. We have moved apart and come back together, now most of us living close again.

We are as different as you could possibly imagine, yet we meld in a way that I have never seen amongst another group of friends. If spending NYE with them just hanging out is how the rest of the year shall be, then I am very happy that we spent it that way.

Happy 2013 to you and your’s. Thank you for reading during Holidailies. Come back throughout the year as my sole New Year’s resolution is to write more here.

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