I’m struggling.

It is almost 6 AM on Sunday morning and I haven’t slept at all. Tony’s 39th (really, his 39th) birthday was Friday and the weekend has been a whirlwind of cooking and baking and friends, on top of a broken down car. I overdid things the last couple days, but when Tony was so happy with his dinner on Friday, our friends over on Saturday and the two cakes I made, it was worth it.

Friday night was the traditional birthday boy’s favorite meal. Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, cream gravy, asparagus and broccoli. He’s a Texan, of course he wants chicken fried steak. I am actually pretty damn good at making it after the 16 years we have been together, but it still makes a mess.

Nowhere near as big of a mess as it used to make. Believe me the first few years that I made it for him you would have thought a flour bomb went off in my kitchen. Now, there was just a bit of flour on the floor, and of course the grease splattered on the stove as I forgot to use my splatter screen.

My talents are without end though, as I also baked the cake, and made the frosting from scratch, while making the rest of dinner. It used to be I would do it all separately, but doing it all at once saves me from freezing my poor feet off in our kitchen.

On Saturday night we had two couples (and two kids of one couple) over for chili dogs and Frito pie. Again, can you tell he’s a Texan? Then we had the raspberry scented cake I made with chocolate frosting. My wonderful friend, Jo-Anne got tired of waiting for me to do the cake thing, so she switched his “3” and “9” candles around to make it 93, all the while giggling her butt off.

I made the cake in a Bundt pan and the eight of us devoured must of it. There are 3 small slices left and one of them has my name on it.

Now, why I’m struggling? My stupid leg has decided there shall be no comfortable position to sleep in, nor shall I be able to even nap sitting up. Not tonight, thou must pay attention to me. I have Volaten gel’d it, taken my pain meds, lotioned it, and talked to the damn leg to no avail.

You’d think it would get tired of me talking bad about it and behave so I could whine about something else, but no.

On top of the leg, the car stalled out the other night, we got in here, and today Tony’s best friend is supposed to come down and help Tony work on it. Thank goodness it is supposed to be warm today so they won’t freeze. We’re also on a hunt for a second vehicle as we’re just tired of having one vehicle. Hopefully, soon.

Anyone around here have a used car for cheap? Like seriously cheap. Sigh. I’ll keep looking.

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