First, before I forget,there is now a Facebook page for After so many years, and notify lists no longer being a thing,it seemed like the right thing to do. So, like the page for me, please?


The conversations I have had about gun control and the executive orders possible legislation have been very interesting to me. Overwhelmingly it seems that people of all political ilks feel that this isn’t really going to help stop things from happening.

In fact,at one point a strict conservative,T, a libertarian, B, and my liberal ass were all in agreement on some of the things that need to be done. If three people with that large of a difference in beliefs can discuss things in a calm manner, and work things out, why can’t our Congress?

Hell, Suzy for Congress. Lord knows I could do a better job than 99% of what we have in there.


I spent a couple hours last night working on a piece about being a female cancer survivor of a cancer other than breast cancer. It started off strong, but after a while wandered off into some of my anger about the lack of funding for kidney cancer research.

There is nowhere near enough funding for it, as it was typically an “old man’s cancer.” That is what I was told when I was diagnosed. I was 33 and female. The complete opposite of the average kidney cancer survivor.

That is until you start looking around. My one survivor list, that is solely kidney cancer patients, most with the same type I have (renal cell carcinoma-clear type) many with similar stats: stage 1B Grade 2.

And a lot of young people, a lot of young women as a matter of fact. For an old man’s disease, there sure are plenty of us younger women on the list.

In fact, I am one of the middle aged women now, more than four years post diagnosis and nephrectomy and closing in on my 38th birthday.

See,I go right back into it,so I really need to rewrite the piece with less anger overall.

I am not so angry about the cancer now. There is no way to change things. Besides, even with all that I have to deal with from the cancer, the subsequent treatments, the side effects and the fact that I do not have “NED” status,I am still here.

More later. Have a great Friday.