Gig Michaels, singer, friend, all around amazing person.

Today, January 3rd, the world got a bit dimmer. Gig Michaels, lead singer of the band Swamp Da Wamp, passed away.

Gig wasn’t just an amazing singer, but a comedian, a smart ass, and just generally incredible person. He worked to help fight bullying between kids and had a fantastic song, “Fat Boy Can Jam” about his growing up with bullying and how he overcame that.

His star went out way too early as he, and SDW, were on the way up as a band.

I met Gig in 2014 when they performed at the first annual Colonial Beach Bike Fest. He and I became friends then.

He was good to talk to, awesome to photograph, and larger than life.

Rest in peace, Gig Michaels. You will be missed by so very many people.

(Photo taken during the 2nd Annual CB Bike Fest as they performed on the boardwalk stage. Do you see why I loved photographing him? Huge personality and very photogenic.)

Heavy man with long hair, black hat and a vest, with a microphone

Gig Michaels lead singer of Swamp Da Wamp at 2nd Annual CB BikeFest.

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