Grief weighs on you. Right now my grief feels like two elephants are sitting on my shoulders.

I have cried a lot today over a man I had only known a couple of years, but who had become my friend. Gig was so amazing and so many people loved him that his Facebook page is full of love and praise and thousands and thousands of people missing him.
The loss of this one day shy of 52-year-old man is more immense than the world realizes. Such a huge voice and an amazing songwriter silenced so young.


You don’t think about people dying of pneumonia in today’s world. You take some antibiotics or go into the hospital for some IV antibiotics and you get better.

You don’t die, the day before your birthday, from it.

Yet, at 8:03 PM January 3rd, Gig’s light went out. He left this earthly plane to whatever it is that follows us after.

I hope he’s sitting on a comfortable as hell bar stool, a tall glass of Crown in front of him, his clear acrylic mic stand in front of him. All six and half feet of him, long blond hair, and beard singing to the gathered crowd.


You left a huge impression on the world, Gig. I’m glad I got to meet you. I’m immensely humbled that I got to photograph you. And, I am extremely glad that I was able to call you friend.

My Drinking Song by Swamp da Wamp

Part of this video was filmed here in Colonial Beach at High Tides on the Potomac.

A large man with long blonde hair and a leather hat on sings into a microphone on an acrylic, clear stand
Gig singing at CB BikeFest 2 on the boardwalk stage
blue jeans, old, worn with harley davidson and other patches
Gig’s pants he wore to perform in.