Beauty in the World

Even with all of this going on, I realized that I am a lucky woman. I have a huge group of people supporting me through this journey.

Eight years ago when I was originally diagnosed I had two awesome groups of people (beyond my local family and friends) who helped support me through my nephrectomy and recovery.

I have found more and more people from literally all over the world who have my back. I have my local friends, family, and people who know me through my work on the paper, who are behind me.

I have my expanded circle of people from high school and college who are pulling for me.

I have one of my chosen families whom I only get to see once a year in Ohio who have surrounded me with their love on multiple occasions and even more so this time. I lovenb youkall.(I will be healthy enough for shenanigans, punch bowls of doom and scooter of whee in November!)

I have another group whom I have bonded with through us all sharing our lives online before there were blogs. They are my rocks, part of my foundation.

There are so many others pulling for me that if by love, prayer and support alone this could be vanquished I would be cured.

I can’t even get into the support of my family, my bestie, and my chosen family here. These people whom I have been friends with for so many years and their kids, and their kids’ friends, so many of whom call me aunt.

It humbles me. The love and support and beauty of this often harsh world, humbles me.

It’s going to be tough, it won’t be pretty, but we fight with your support behind us.

I love you all. I thank you all for your love and support.

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