Tattoos and Memories

In figuring out the next of my tattoos I got to thinking about how I want a piece of the lyrics from “A Long Time Ago” by Jim Croce as part of them. Tony has “…in the gold of morning” engraved on the inside of his wedding band so that will be the portion inscribed on me.

I haven’t decided where yet, I’m almost out of arm space with the inner right being reserved for my next piece, the left inner wrist for another piece, and well, that’s about it. I have a huge piece planned for my chest, over my shoulders, and across my back, but there is plenty other space there.

My brain went to over my heart, but is that too much of a cliche? I mean, it’s bad enough I want song lyrics, even if it is a song that has been our song for 22 years, but over the heart?

Or maybe the left shoulder blade. For some reason, that seems right and it shouldn’t interfere with the planned collar piece. Typically, once it settles and feels right, that is what I go with. My right arm began as, oh, just some hippie daisies, no black outline and ended up being the full arm of them. They suit me and it was just felt right.

My Wonder Woman piece was more of a collaboration. I knew I wanted the W symbol on me. Wonder Woman and the symbolism behind her mean a lot to me. The watercolor design was because Brad is just amazing at it and I enjoy being tattooed by him.

Seriously, he is wonderful to talk to, intelligent, great taste in music, just enjoyable. His shop is what modern tattoo shops are starting to become. Light, airy, beautiful, easy to sit in and enjoy.

As a 40-something woman, his shop is much more of a joy to go into rather than so many other shops. While there is another shop in Fredericksburg that I trust (and is where my flowers actually originally began) I am not as comfortable elsewhere.

My Star Wars piece was more, I want stars and Star Wars, with that symbol, but not the typical piece, and Brad ran with it.

The same with the latest piece, four stars, set on my arm like my flowers on the other arm, pulling in those colors. I wanted more stars, watercolor, and different than what I see on everyone else.

Back to song lyrics though. I want them done, I just need it to settle on what kind of font and what it should look like. It will happen.

So, a question for you all if you made it this far. Is there any song that you would ever get lyrics from on you? Or a song that has lyrics that just mean a lot to you?

Your song, if you are coupled? Throupled?

Here is the song in question. Short, simple. The last song we danced to at our reception. At the time it felt like it was too private to be our first dance song. It still is just the perfect song for us.

A Long Time Ago

2 Responses to “Tattoos and Memories”

  1. Mark Leathers Says:

    Oy, well I have to say that I’ve often wanted to get a tattoo, but firstly I tend to be one of those people that pick at scabs, so I doubt I’d be able to stay away from a healing expensive piece of artwork on my body. Two, could never even in my youth decide what sort of design I’d want to have on my skin for life. I remember all the horror stories about people getting tattoos and then years down the road lamenting that decision. The swan that became a vulture as the skin aged and so on.

    Getting back to the question at hand, I honestly don’t think there’s any one lyric that I’d want permanently etched into my skin. Favorite songs come and go, and it’s like tatting someone’s name on you, in 10 years, you might end up with a different favorite song, and you’re stuck with the old one.

    So, my typical long reply. But that’s how I get my thoughts out. Cheers and Happy Holidailies!

  2. Melanie Says:

    I don’t think I would get a song. I don’t have any tats but I have one all planned out in my head. One of my Dad’s sayings was “It seemed like a good idea at the time.” I have tons of pages of his handwriting, so I’d like to somehow piece it together and get that phrase in his handwriting on my forearm. And a small butterfly next to it, for my thyroid that was removed.