I fell asleep sitting up, again. I do that quite a bit, without warning I just drop off to sleep. Tonight this happened as the entry began to flow out of my fingers, leaving the page with a line of nothing and a whole lot of white.

When my slumber ended, their were dishes to be done, again, for the third time in one day. They are now washed and drying in the dish drainer. I am still exhausted and getting ready to pull on my nightgown and crawl under my soft blankets, while on top of our beautiful flannel sheets. My pillows are calling me wishing I were there. They are my best friends on most nights.

I know a lot of the reason for the exhaustion is the fact that I am still recovering from my two months of time in and out of the hospital. On top of fibromyalgia* which causes extreme tiredness on its own.

With all that being said, tonight all I have to give is whining over how tired I am. Tomorrow, I will begin the entry I started much earlier in the evening, while I am not to this point of tired. Until then, good night, may you sleep well the next time you sleep.

*which, if you don’t believe it is a disorder, I don’t want to hear it. either it is real or there is something else wrong with me and my doctor is being lazy.

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