Birthday, weekend, and beyond….

Ok, so I haven’t posted since the 7th, but, I posted twice last week, and can still post twice this week, damnit.

Honestly, while I love Holidailies by the last few days I am tired of posting daily. Now, I will post twice a week or I am forbidding myself to buy anything new. That’s right, if I don’t post, I can’t shop. Ha. You should seem me and how much I will be willing to post to allow me to feed my shopping addiction.


Tony turned 36 on Monday. We spent the weekend in Martinsburg, West Virginia, eating good food, drinking good drinks (well, me, anyway) going to clubs and just having a fabulous time. The two of us being off entirely by ourselves is wonderful. No family, no work, no deadlines, just us.

It is hard to believe that Tony is 36 now. We have been together since he was 22 and I was 21. We never expected that life would lead us where it has, that we would be this old and childless but, unfortunately that is the way it worked out for us.


Yankee Candle sent me some fantastic coupons so I ordered several of their clearance candles and they came in today. All of the scents are fantastic and make me want to light everyone of them.

Right now I have a Sparkling Cinnamon one burning, in fact, I have actually been burning this one for quite some time. It is amazing how many hours these candles last. They claim up to 120 but, I know it has been more than that. I’d say I average burning it about 4 hours a day and it has been well over 30 days since I bought this one.

All of them I have bought I have liked, even the votive ones that I was unsure of. That really surprises me as most brands of candles I like only a few of their scents. Cucumber Melon for Spring, Cinnamon based for fall and winter, and in the Summer something light, depending on how I feel.


Well, it is time to make Tony’s lunch for tomorrow and write up a grocery list for tomorrow. Have a good day all.

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  1. sassychickabea Says:

    Hey, Suzy…a belated happy birthday to Tony. :)