Lunch with Santa

Today we took Tre and Charlie to see Santa at the firehouse in the town I went to high school at. It is about a 20 minute ride from here, a tiny town that is the county seat of Westmoreland. We weren’t sure won’t to expect, although we know next year to park on the other side so that we don’t have to walk forever in the pouring down rain.

Their was a coloring contest, hot dogs to eat, a snowman (made of plywood) to throw snowballs at, and snowflake ornaments to decorate with glitter glue. Boy did they decorate them with glitter. In fact it is now 12.36 AM so ten hours later and the two ornaments they covered in glitter are still wet. The ones I did (yes, I am a five year old on the inside) are dry, and have been since before we got home.

Santa was fantastic, in fact he was the best one I have ever seen, jolly, happy, a smile underneath the fake beard. He took the time to pose with all the kids not once but, twice, and hugged any child that ran up to him. In fact, he even hugged me on his way out the door, from behind, in a surprise attack. I was sitting in a chair facing away from him, and he gave me a big hug.

I do wonder if I actually knew who was playing Santa but didn’t recognize him through the beard and red suit. All in all it has been a nice weekend with a lot of kid’s and Santa and fun. Now, though it is time to get some sleep in preparation for the week long baking fest to come.

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