Riverboat on the Potomac.  The Riverboat is built on pylons in the water of the Potomac, with the landing in the town.  It's built over the water so it enjoys the laws of Maryland for gambling and alcohol purposes.  

According to my sources, the Flanagans will be rebuilding which is a great relief.  The Riverboat was formerly Reno before being purchased by the Flanagans.  It offers OTB, Keno, Lotteries, a bar, and a restaurant, The Potomac Room. 

A long view of the side.  The black part in the back, with only a partial dock below it, used to be the roof of the large back room.  The inside is completely gone.
Another shot including the side of Riverboat and the outbuildings taken from down the boardwalk.
A closer shot showing more detail of the destruction.
Debris in the parking lot of the Riverboat. 
The remainders of the outbuilding.
Even closer up and showing the roof in better detail.
The front of the building.  If you look closely you can see how the front left hand side is leaning backwards due to the inside being gone.
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