The boardwalk along the waterfront, which fronts the Riverboat.  It's a concrete wide walkway with the beach on one side, a couple buildings on the other and a children's playground. 

It's been part of the town forever and was at one time actually boards.

                                                    The boardwalk or what remains of it.
A look at the far end of the boardwalk.  The large pole with the platform on top used to hold an Osprey nest, unfortunately it was lost in the winds.  The sand you see is covering the actual boardwalk, it belongs on the far right stretching into the water.
One of the buildings on the boardwalk and more sand and debris that was elsewhere.
Downed trees, lights and eroded sand.  The concrete slab with nothing under it used to contain an bench.
The very end of the boadwalk which was washed away by the flood waters.  The bricks you see were part of the facade for the pier, which I have pictures of on another page.
More debris in the parking lot abutting the boardwalk.
Another angle of debris
The land side of the boardwalk and a floating away Pepsi machine.  I'm in our white van in the background.
The BeachBall was a small business on the boardwalk.  They will not be rebuilding.
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