Colonial Beach Municipal Town Pier which traverses the Potomac River directly beside the boardwalk. 

I have seen the pier damaged following storms in the past, but never to this extent.  The vast majority of it is just gone, it floated off and was shown in some of the debris pictures on earlier pages. 

The town pier used to be a mainstay in my life as a teenager, many a night was spent on the pier.  Two of my very good friends were married underneath the gazebo that graced the start of the pier nine years ago.  

Little of it remains, no decision on replacement has been made as of yet.

  Colonial Beach Municipal Pier and Fisherman's Pier
The skeleton of the pier from a side view, all that is left is a few pylons and part of the handrail, the floorboards are gone completely.
This view includes the Fisherman's Pier and the Town pier.  The Fisherman's pier stretched past where the first pylons are when it was in one piece.  It also sported a large sign and a roofed area with benches.
The entrance way to the pier.  The brick pillars on either side were attached to two outer and two inner brick wall which contained memorial and honoriam bricks purchased during a fundraiser quite a few years ago.  Where the man is standing is the only part of the wall left.
Standing at the edge of the concrete by the bricks, you used to just step directly onto the pier, now it's just sand.
A view giving a better idea of where the pier met the sidewalk.
Bricks and wires scattered on the beach.
This sidewalk is to the right of the pier, the sand below it was washed away by the hurricane.
A better view showing the bottom of the above sidewalk.
The playground next to the boardwalk.  You now know what kind of playground equipment to buy, as this wasn't damaged at all.
A long view of the playground, boardwalk and the pier skeletons in the background.
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