The main hotel in Colonial Beach, The Days Inn is on the Boardwalk past the Riverboat.  While it is not as old as most of the structures destroyed, it is a large part of my personal history.  My husband and I spent our wedding night there. 

The bottom pictures are of Debris on the Town Hill which is between the Days and Riverboat.  The town hill used to be the gathering place in the evenings, back when Riverboat was Reno,  now it's used for various town activities.

Damage at the Days Inn
This is the part of the Days that faces the boardwalk, the sand is covering it.  Part of the awning from the Days is gone.  The boards are from various places in and around the boardwalk, including a home to the right that was demolished.
A different angle of the end of the Days.  The Riverboat is seen on the left in the background.
A view of Town Hill covered in debris from the boardwalk's standpoint.
Another view of the Town Hill, I'm in the white minivan in the distance.
Massive amounts of debris on the Hill.
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