All About Me
Suzy Fly Away
        Name: Suzy Smith, yes that's my real name. 
Age: born April 21, 1975, 26, right now. 

Location: Colonial Beach, VA. Small town 

Marital status: Married since October 24th, 1998. 

Husband: Tony, referred to as TH (the hubby). 

Kids: None, yet. We're working on it. See below. 

Pets: One big as hell black dog named Homer. 

Latest Update: March 2002 

More Facts: 

I'm 5 foot 3 inches tall, not including hair. 
Including the bush of hair, I can be 5 foot 8. 
My hair is naturally curly. 
I used to hate it. 
I'm adjusting. 

I was born in Niagara Falls, New York. 
We moved to Virginia right before my eighth birthday. 
VA is home now. 

I'm half Polish, part Cherokee, part mutt. 
I'm named after both my Grandmothers and an Aunt. 
I took my husband's last name. 
It's easier to pronounce. 

I'm a sap. 
I love my husband more than anyone else on earth. 
I believe in love at first sight. 
I knew he was my 'one' from the first time I saw him. 
He took a little convincing. 

I'm disabled. 
From an injury. 
Sometimes it sucks. 
I'm learning to deal with it. 

I'm fat. 
I'm not ashamed of it. 
I still think I'm pretty. 
So do several other people. 
I've been fat since I was 12. 

I have PCOS (polycystic ovarion syndrome.) 
That's why we're still working on having kids. 
I'm anovulatory because of it. 
I'm fat because of it also. 

We live with my parents for now. 
We moved in here August of 2000. 
No, I don't like it. 
I do love my parents though. 
I'm not a redneck. 
Even though it seems like it. 
I know the difference between good ol' boy, redneck, and white trash, do you? 

I belong to the Women of the Moose. 
I'm not ashamed of that either. 
It's a good organization. 
I'll explain the Moose better soon. 

I have a small core group of friends. 
We've known each other for years. 
We all live within 20 minutes of one another. 
I love their kids like they were my own. 

I have a larger group of other friends. 
I met them through my parents. 
In fact they are my parents' friends as well. 
No I don't think that's strange. 

My best friend (other than my husband) is a man. 
TH doesn't mind. 
Neither does his wife. 
We don't agree on a lot of things. 
We're friends anyway. 

My family is a close-knit bunch. 
Only one of us lives far away. 
We're trying to convince her to come back. 
It'll work eventually. 
Update: She's back, next year we're leaving. 

I love music. 
Especially country. 
Again, I'm not a redneck. 
My favorite bands right now; 
Dixie Chicks and Kiss. 

Kiss has been my favorite band forever. 
I've seen them in concert three times. 
They rule. 
Quit laughing, damnit. 

My favorite color is red. 
I don't know why. 
I wear mainly red and black. 
Black flowing pants, red tops. 
My hair is normally a shade of red or blonde. 

Except when the dye reacts funny. 
Right now my hair is a deep purple, with red highlights. 
How this happened? 
No clue.  
It was supposed to be a deep red, with lighter red highlights. 

Update: I have pink hair now.  
It was supposed to be bright red. 
I love the pink anyway. 
Next are Herbal Essences reds. 
God only knows what color it will actually turn. 
Herbal Essences Dye sucks ass. 
It bleed right out of my hair. 

I'm a brunette now. 

I'm fascinated by body art. 
I have four tattoos. 
Yin-yang - which will be covered someday. 
Daisies- second dating anniversary gift from TH. 
Stars - I'm fascinated by them. 
Heart - with our monogram in it. 

I have plans for more tattoos. 
As soon as we have the money. 
Being poor sucks. 
Okay we're not dead ass poor, I just wish we were rich. 

I have multiple holes in my ears. 
I want more. 
I will have more. 
I want to pierce my nose. 
Soon, I hope. 

Update: I know have a cute SS ring. 
It's in my left nostril. 
I adore it. 
Now I want more piercings. Sigh. 
It's an addiction. 
Now I have a SS (stainless steel, not sterling silver) nostril screw.  
And CBRs in my ears. Yay!  

I'm a regular on the newsgroup, Rec.Arts.Bodyart. 
Yes, we're mean to newbies. 
But only stupid ones. 
I've met several RABbits in real life. 
This year I'll meet more. 
RAB is full of some of the most intelligent people I've ever met. 
Update: I met a whole shit lot of RABbits at RABcon.  
They all rock.  

As a teenager, I was wild. 
More than the normal teen. 
I changed, now I'm calm and sedate (well most of the time). 
I wouldn't change those years though. 
They are what made me who I am. 

My teenage years were a trainwreck. 
My life isn't one now. 
But you never know, that could change :-) 

I know who I am. 
I know where I'm going. 
It just takes time. 

I used to go to karoake a lot. 
I quit. 
I miss it. 
Someday, I'll go again. 
I can do a mean version of "Walkin' After Midnight" by Patsy Cline. 
Update: Karaoke is now a twice a month thing, again. Woot! 

I love to write. 
My grammar sucks though. 
I screwed around in high school. 
That's why it sucks. 

My Senior English teacher tried to convince me to become a writer. 
I went to school for Computer Information Systems instead. 
Now I do free-lance writing. 
I don't make much money at it. 
I enjoy it though. 

I've worked at several different jobs: 
Waitress, Cook. 
Certified Nursing Assistant. 
Engineering Assistant. 
Insurance Agent. 

My writing on this site, isn't picked over. 
I very seldom edit at all. 
When I do edit I leave out too much. 
I mainly write for me. 
Yet, I love having an audience. 

Sometimes, I find life to be too much. 
When I get like that. 
I just. 
Fly away. 

Wanna know more?  


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