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These are the people in my neighborhood.  Okay family, friends, a few weirdos, a couple of geeks, all the people that mean something to me. 


Tony - My husband, the love of my life.  Tony is 27, born in January.  He's a sweet man with a hell of a sense of humor.  Tony's a Star Wars fanatic, voracious reader, lover of first person shooter pc games.  He's also extremely shy.  He sits back and takes in everything around him.   

It takes time for him to develop trust in someone, which balances us wonderfully. 

Mom - Obviously my Mom.  She's Mom to 4, a receptionist for a large orthopedic medical practice.  She's my Mom.  We tend to butt heads on a lot of things.  Her and Dad have been married for 27 years. (and for those of y'all who are adding, yes she was pregnant with me when they married, but that's a story for another time.) 

Daddy - Yes, I still call him Daddy.  Dad has been working for the State for 17 years now.  He's a big guy with a big heart.  Dad and I disagree on a lot of big issues, but we tend to get along better than Mom and I do.  I am the spitting image of him from my face to my body type.   

Mary - My 24 year old sister.  Single, beautiful, looking for a good man.  She's a middle school teacher and a graduate of William and Mary.  She and I have very little in common, but I love her. 

Katie - My 22 year old sister.  Separated from her husband, mom to the ever delightful Kyrstin.  She's a night auditor at a hotel.   I'm trying to find her a good man.  Her and I have little in common as well, I love her though. 

Richie - My 18 year old brother.  Single and staying that way.  He's still a little on the wild side, but deep down he's a good kid.  He's trying to figure out who he is in the world, but what 18 year old isn't? 

Kyrstin - My niece born September of 1999.  She's the cherubic little girl that capture my heart from the first time I saw her.  She was born a tiny little thing (5 lbs 8 oz) and is still pretty little.  She has blond hair, beautiful eyes, and a smile that melts your heart.  She's a smart, yet mischievous, 2 year old. 

Granny - My Mom's Mom.  My Grandma.  Granny is a wonderful woman who is extremely intelligent.  I love my Granny.  She still works full time, volunteers more than full time and is constantly on the go.  I hope when I'm in my 70s I'm the same way. 

Mom-in-Law  Tony's Mom, I know, duh, of course my mother-in-law is Tony's Mom.   

Father-in-Law  Tony's Dad, again, duh.   

Timmy   8, our nephew.  Timmy is son to Angie (see below).  Timmy is autistic but is a very intelligent little boy.  His communication skills have improved a lot since I've know him.  He's also a giant.  He stands aroun 5 foot already and around 120 pounds.  He is going to be a big fellow when he grows up. 

He's also a sweetheart of a child who loves his family and is very affectionate.   

Angie  Tony's sister, Mom to Timmy.  She's a web designer for an insurance company.  She lives in Pennsylvania with her boyfriend.   


Tracey - Mom of 2,living with her boyfriend (Danny), she's moving 3 hours away and I'm not happy about it.  We've known each other for 11 years and have gone through a lot together. 

Danny - Tracey's boyfriend.  We went to high school together.  Another good friend, who I'm sad to see move away.  He's the dad of 2 little girls. 

Daniel - Tracey's oldest boy.  Cute as the dickens and getting ready to turn 13, is that right?  Oh, my God, I think it is.  He's a smart boy, who is finally settling into a school that can work with him properly.

James  - Tracey's youngest boy.  Cute, wild, just like his Dad.  He lives with his Dad, here locally.

Tracy - Mom of 6 (yep, 6) I've known her for quite a few years as well.  I very seldom see her even though she only lives a couple blocks away. 

Stacy - Very good friend, used to be my best friend, but I very seldom get to talk to him anymore.  He's married to Jo-Anne, father of Lexi.   

Jo-Anne - Mom to Lexi, another long time friend.  I haven't seen her in months, and she hates the phone.   

Rachel - Old school friend whom I see from time to time at the local watering holes.  Crazy girl whom I love.   


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