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Sunday, July 25, 2004
I've Gone to the Dark Side...
Yes, I've done it.  I now have this site set up with Blogger.  I had to do something to motivate myself to get off my ass and write.  Well, without having to link back and forth, hither and yon, on every damn update, that will help.  Plus, I don't have to fuss with an ftp client or all that jazz from here on out.  Nor do I have to add (by hand) comment code for each entry.

 It's a good thing, I promise.  All the links are now at the bottom of this page, they'll lead you to archives and all that fun stuff. 

 Now, where have I been for the last month and a half? That's a longer story.  For several weeks I was pretty much offline.  I checked my email a couple times, wrote a couple of notifies, and otherwise was nowhere near the internet.  Really, it was a good thing, even though at the start I didn't think so.

Other than that, Tony and I celebrated our eighth dating anniversary on the 18th of July.  We saw I, Robot.  On our very first date, we saw Independence Day, so the whole Will Smith thing worked for us.   
My Mom spent a few days in the hospital but, is home now.  She's on insulin shots vs just oral meds and is working towards getting her blood sugar levels under control. 

The Fourth of July was interesting.  We had plenty of good fireworks due to my Dad taking a trip to South Carolina.  Flying stuff, booming stuff, and all sorts of other things saw there way over Tony's parents' home and my parents' home over the weekend. 

Festival (yes, I'm going backwards in time, don't ask) weekend was back in June.  It was a much more laidback weekend than in year's gone by.  There wasn't much drinking, no real late nights. Parades and talking, too much sun, and kids, that was what the whole weekend was about.  And, really, it was one of the better weekends in years.

That has been our summer so far.  Coming up is Journalcon in August.  I'm registered, Tony will be there as a guest and so should y'all, damnit. 
 As of last count I heard there were 102 registered.  If that isn't enough incentive I'm a panelist on the "attendees choice"/secret journalling panel.  And, really that should bring all of you running, damnit.

Now, comment, tell me you missed me, tell me about your summer, or just say boo.  And that means you Tracey!
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