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Monday, November 03, 2008
While I know everyone who reads this is smart enough to take the time to go vote tomorrow (if you're in the USA that is) I still have to say it. Vote. Go early so you don't put it off. Even if you disagree with me, go use one of our most important rights and vote, it takes very little time and it will make you feel good all over.

Having said that, I do wish you would vote for Obama. I believe he is the best candidate for President in 2008. I could list 100 reasons way but, I'll just list a couple:

Women's rights. Obama supports reproductive freedom for women. Obama supports pay equality. Obama supports increasing funding for research on women's health issues.

Ending the war in Iraq. Obama plans to immediately worked toward ending the war in Iraq and bringing our men and women home.

Directly from his site: "
  • End workplace discrimination and promote equal opportunity:

    Obama and Biden will restore the Americans with Disabilities Act, reducing workplace and labor market discrimination against people with disabilities."

The ADA has been undermined over the past 8 years. And while this may not effect you today, it may someday, or your children, or siblings, or parents. The ADA needs to be restored, enforced, and improved.

Reforming No Child Left behind so that teacher's are allowed to teach more than just to a standardized test (ask the teachers in your life about how horrid NCLB actually is.)

As I said, Vote tomorrow even if you are voting for the other guy, go do it.

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