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Today I turn 34. I was born on April 21st, 1975 in Niagara Falls, NY at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center. That is the hospital that my Father, my aunts and uncles, and my sisters were born in as well.

I have to say that while birthdays aren’t exciting as they were as a small child, this is the most grateful I have been to advance a year forward in age once I hit 21. After having kidney cancer last year, being told that I probably wouldn’t make it through the surgery, and if I did, I would have a huge risks of severe, deadly complications, then being told I had a terminal disease (fuck you Dr Rodriguez, you should not be practicing medicine but that’s a story for another day) getting to another birthday is a great feeling.

Back in September, October, November, as we were searching for a doctor to do my surgery and allow me a chance at beating renal cell carcinoma, I really didn’t think I would be here. I am grateful to be here writing this post, even though it is 2.30 in the morning and I should be asleep.

Have a great day.