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Ok, good friggin’ news finally!

While the adrenal gland should have been removed the fact that it is swollen isn’t that worrisome. Right now, we watch and see. If my blood sugar goes out of whack, or I just don’t feel right, we’ll scan immediately, if not, the start of June is when I have my next scan.

And, I have a referral to a general surgeon so we can try and figure out why I am on round number 3.5 of cellulitis in my abdomen. The first round is how we found the tumor (CT scan to check for abscess showed it) but, I have had enough of this now. There is a possibility of a need for surgery to “redo” my navel but, we’ll see about that.

Thanks again for all the good wishes, it is nice to give a fairly damn good update for once.

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  1. Sasha Says:

    That’s a relief! I’m glad for the good news this time. :)

  2. Mary Pietras - the sister Says:

    you’re getting a new belly button? Gross.