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I am a bad blogger/journaler/oversharer. I was so busy getting ready for the wedding, St. Baldrick’s birthday weekend that I forgot about the 9th anniversary of this journal/blog/overshare. On March 25th it has been 9 years since I started an official journal.

Holy shit, the only thing I have done longer than that is be married to my husband and my marriage is only a year older.

So, Happy belated Journalversary to me and thank you for reading whether it has been for a week, a month, a year, or all 9 of them as I know some of you have.

have a good day.

One Response to “Oops”

  1. sassychickabea Says:

    Happy Journalversary! You and I started around the same time. I started mine in August, 1999. I don’t know the exact date. Seems like forever.