My town

This was addressed to others who live in/around Colonial Beach. Our town won a $747,000 grant to help with financial and physical blight in the downtown area.  The next closest town won the same grant a year earlier and looks incredible:

If you haven’t been to/through Montross recently, you need to go see it! One year before CB did, Montross received a grant to help with the economic and physical blight in their town.

It looks amazing. New facades, murals, old buildings being razed. Montross has a fresh coat of beauty all over it.

That’s next for CB. As the revitalization group continues its work, CB’s downtown waterfront area will improve as well! I can’t wait to take pictures, and report on it, as it happens.

Our little town can be better on the outside. Now, if we could learn, as a community, that the gossip and hatefulness does not help us. Colonial Beach is a beautiful, waterfront town, with the second largest beach front in Virginia.

We could be something astounding, but, it takes not only money from grants, volunteers, but also a willingness for the citizens to accept change and see it as a good thing.

We need the tourism. I know that we swell with people during the summer, we need those people to spend money. We need them to buy food, lodging, souvenirs, and gas. (also, note places that sell souvenirs, the correct spelling of that word. Also, bikinis, not bikini’s)

We can be the great destination we used to be. Accept the people, enjoy the summer when we fill with those who don’t have the joy of living in this small, beautiful, waterfront community.

Everyone of us is lucky to be here. We have the amazing river passing by our windows, a school that is the backbone of our town, many who volunteer their time, and so many others who just love this town.

Support it, support progress, and also, go see what CB will look like!

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