Christmas up to my ears

Today was one of those days working for the paper. I’ll go a week and have very little to cover. Or a couple weeks with a couple decent stories.

Then, a day like today. You see, I write for a small weekly paper. There aren’t many of us and we actually have a new (fresh out of college, even) editor.

There were half a dozen events for me to cover today. I spent my day running (ha, scootering, go gimpy girl, go) from one location to another.
Breakfast with Santa first thing this morning. Cute little kids getting to spend good quality time with Santa Claus. Much fun, over fairly quickly.

Next was onto the vendor fair. That was well, slow, not many vendors, few people, but some interesting items. I got some good pictures and onward.

Time for the Christmas parade. More adorable kids, vintage cars, a couple floats, and SANTA! It was over quickly, as it isn’t a big thing in town, but enjoyable enough.


Onward I rushed to the local Episcopal church to take pictures of their volunteers on the fifth anniversary of their monthly “feed the community” lunch.

I zipped through there, talked to a few eating, a few volunteers, and then, WinterFest. Kids, again, Santa, again, Actually the Santa from the parade. Activities and food and too much, my goodness, I was getting tired by now.

Several hours of this and I was done.  And, all of this before the sun went down.

No, I’m not through yet. The lighted boat parade on the river. The one that starts at 5, but didn’t actually start until 5:30 PM. I’m still cold from that, to the point that my bones hurt.  It was gorgeous though and worth it.

Finally, grocery shopping as it was shop or go to McDonald’s. I just couldn’t. I had it earlier in the day and no, just no more today.

Groceries, done. Home, cooked dinner (simple soup and grilled cheese as I said above freezing.)

Now, we have Bad Santa streaming and I am getting ready to crash before I start all over tomorrow. As, I will have my tree up before Tony goes back to work on Tuesday morning.

(also, five in a row, bitches. holy shit.)

3 Responses to “Christmas up to my ears”

  1. Bev Says:

    …and I thought 3-show weekends as a theater critic were bad!

  2. Bev Says:

    (BTW, I started writing my journal in 2000 too…not too many of us old timers left)

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Aw, I miss being a small town reporter!