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Thursday, July 29, 2004
Continuation of a day...
The first half of my day is here.

By the time Kyrsie and Papa left, Tre was heading towards tired. He pushed a car around, watched a video or two. (Yes, he watches videos, he has favorites and if you play the CD instead of the video he gets mad at the television.) Eventually the tiredness overcame him.

Little man walked over to me, climbed on the couch, and tucked his blond head into my neck. No bottle, no pacifier, just a snuggle and a nap.

And he remained asleep for close to two hours. I held him in my arms, leaned into the couch back, snoozing on and off with him as he snuffled and snored that sweet little baby snore.

I spend a lot of time, still, with him in my arms. Whenever he allows it, I take the opportunity. Here he is already just a few short weeks from a year old, the first couple years of little ones lives go by so fast. I can't stand the thought of missing a minute of cuddle time. In a few years the cuddle times will be few and far between. Eventually he'll leave my care and go to preschool, just as Kyrsie did before him.

My niece and nephew are huge parts of my world. I've spent the first year of each of their lives taking care of them while their parents work. I can't imagine not spending this time with them, not having my days full of children while they can be.

I'm taking every last little minute of these days to my heart. Even if the day is full of nothing more than music and toys. Really, what could be more worthwhile?
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