Part of a series of the seven deadly sins…

I want this I mean, I really want it. To the point that I added it to my wishlist and just keep going back and looking at it.

My computer is a T40. Yeah, pretty damn old and starting to slow way down. Not to mention it is heavy as hell. Carrying it is difficult for me with the gimpage and the way I used to strap the case across my body means the strap runs over the area of my incision that has multiple hernias. Needless to say it doesn’t get carried that way anymore.

The greed doesn’t end there, though. There is a purse collection by Coach called Tattoo and I want them. Particularly the one on the top right in black.

I could go on and on but, those are just two examples of my greediness.

One Response to “Greed…”

  1. Sasha Says:

    Well, you just appealed to my own colored notebook greed and expensive purse greed all in one entry, Suzy. Bad girl.