Day 2-Holidailies 2015

Nothing more from CVS Caremark today. I’ll call them tomorrow to force the issue, hopefully.


Today has just been long. I got a few things done. Some things put away, a few more boxes taken care of, a good dinner made. I didn’t get nearly enough done.

I never do.

On the average day, I just do not have enough spoons to do everything I need to do. (Search Spoon Theory if you’ve never heard of it before.)

I’m worn. I’m stressed. I’m tired.

It’s 11:00 PM and I am way beyond ready for bed, yet, I need to get more done tonight. I don’t see it happening, instead I’m sitting here writing as I want to be back in the habit of writing that isn’t for work.

It is more difficult at 40 than it was at 25. When I started this journal/site/project back when I was so much younger I just wrote whatever came to mind.

Now, I can’t. There are too many people who are local to me that read this. There are too many town busybodies who pick over every thing I write, no matter where it is, for me to be completely honest with my words.


There are many things I would write about, but could be used against me.
Oh, hell, maybe, tomorrow, when I’m not so tired and worn and just done, I’ll actually delve into something that matters.

For tonight, I at least sat down here, wrote a few words, and uploaded them. That alone is a win. Two days in a row, I wrote on here.


Two days, wow.

One Response to “Day 2-Holidailies 2015”

  1. Melanie Says:

    I actually moved my blog to get rid of the busy bodies. I kept my old url, downloaded the content, and uploaded the whole thing under a new name and started all over. The busy bodies keep visiting the old blog none the wiser.