Jingle Bells

I had the privilege of covering the Colonial Beach Elementary School’s holiday concert tonight. Not only did I get to watch all sorts of local kids look adorable, but got to see three of my niblings be entirely too cute.

It brought me to memories of my little sister in a turtleneck and tights, carrying an old heavy, phone being one of the four calling birds.

Or when I was a member of the local Baptist church’s children’s choirs even though I was Catholic. Wearing white or blue robes and sitting in the too packed church, row upon row of children, sweating underneath our clothes as we waited for our turn.

Then onto high school where I was a member of the W&L choir for several years. I do have to say that we were damn good and our holiday concert was amazing. Our robes were worn for the holiday show and I really loved every second of it.

Watching Jylian, Coren, and Shawn start down this path toward hopefully years of shows made my heart sing right along with them.


It also put me in the holiday spirit a little bit. Just a tiny bit, but enough that there are now decorations on the outside of my house and the start on the inside. 3 weeks and a day to go. Ho Ho Ho.


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