Saturday of BikeFest was even more beautiful than Friday with a large crowd in town. Bands took the stage for hours with “Last Remains” opening for the “Artimus Pyle Band.”

A white man with full beard and long greying hair in a cowboy hat and sunglasses plays the drums.

Artimus Pyle, of Lynyrd Skynyrd fame, plays the drums


a white man in sunglasses with short salt and pepper hair plays the keyboard

Keyboard player for the “Artimus Pyle Band”


A white man, bald, but with a grey beard plays the bass in a bright orange shirt

Bass Play for APB


A white man with dark hair plays the guitar

Guitar for APB


A white man with greying hair plays the guitar

APB Guitarist and singer


A white man with long hair, a beard and cowboy hat gives the peace sign.

Artimus Pyle throws up a peace sign

A white man with grey hair and black hat sings into a microphone

“Last Remains”

A white man with a black goatee and grey hair holds a guitar and sings into a microphone

“Last Remains”

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