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Sunday, August 08, 2004
I'm not the only one....
There are days, hell, there are weeks and weeks where I feel like a complete oddball in the world. I'm a Liberal. I most definitely lean towards the left (hell, if I leaned any further, I would land flat on my left side flailing about) yet, I am a gunowner.

And today, I actually found someone like me. In my various internet wonderings a came across a blog titled Armed Liberal. I started reading some of the archives from back in 2002 to confirm that it really was what I thought. A political blog, written by a Liberal, who also believes that the Second Amendment defines a personal right to own firearms. It is exactly that, confirmed in this entry.

I am very pleased. In fact, so pleased that I stopped reading to come over here and write about it. In doing research on various guns, concealed carry rights, and tactical techniques, I spend a lot of time surround by conservative ideology. A massive amount of time, actually. It really can grow tiresome, reading about various handguns in one paragraph and the next paragraph spouting "You have to vote for Bush or you really are against the second amendment. And, you are antiAmerican."

Yeah, well, I call bullshit. I will not be voting for Bush. Even if I were to hold my nose with both hands, the stench of pulling a lever on his name is too great. Really, when it comes down to it, Bush isn't even pro Second Amendment. He has stated that should the Assault Weapons Ban be reintroduced and passed he would sign it into law, again.

Now, how is that pro Gun Rights? It's not, not in the least, yet, many conservative gun owners are falling for the thought that he's only saying that to appease the Republicans who are pro Gun Control. That's just a pile of horse shit. George W. Bush is not for the Second Amendment, hell, he doesn't seem to be for many of the amendments (hello, PATRIOT act and freedom of speech cages.)

But, as I was saying it is refreshing to see a Liberal who agrees that we are responsible for defending ourselves. We can not depend on the Government or the Police. I don't know about you but, I don't have an armed police officer with me at all times. In fact, if I were to have an emergency right now it could take 30 minutes (or more) for a police officer to get here.

You see, I live in a rural area. We're a long skinny county that stretches for quite some distance. We have a limited number of police officers. I am responsible for myself and my family's safety. Therefore, I wholeheartedly support the Second Amendment and Virginia's Concealed and Open Carry laws.

I'm pleased that I found anothe Liberal who agrees with me. I'm pleased that due to links from his site I can find other Liberals who do, as well. It's nice to get away from the Conservative viewpoint for awhile.
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