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It has been a long few days, but a good few days. The running around is over, the constant family togetherness seems to be, all that remains is the mess which always seems to take a week or two to get settled back in.


I’m waiting for Tony to get back from the grocery store. My hernia at the top of my nephrectomy incision is hurting pretty bad so I stayed home to rest. He is picking up a roast for dinner tonight, mainly so I can play with my new thermometer that has an alarm that you take with you around the house. That way I don’t have to go check the temperature constantly.

Kitchen stuff is always a good gift idea for me and my family is finally realizing that. I got a nice set of knives, the above mentioned thermometer, a new egg pan, a new wooden spoon (really nice one with a thick handle, better for my hands) and a new nice spatula. Tony is waiting on some of my Christmas stuff to come in so there is liable to be more. My family, especially my husband, spoils me.

I’m done for now, I need to lie down, watch some more Dexter (season 2) on Netflix and hope the hernia quits hurting. Have a great day.

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